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Shaunti is a Busy Woman These Days

Shaunti There is only one woman who warrants her own category on my blog and that is Shaunti Feldhahn.  Her website is merely  She's getting big like Elvis or Cher or maybe more appropriately, Billy.  :)  Her first work of non-fiction was titled for women only which is a wonderful book about the heart and soul of a man and how a woman can be more in tune with his inner workings.  The book is a big hit even spawning a web site,

All of this success has her writing and writing.  She is writing another novel.  She's writing a follow-up to for women only called, What Is He Thinking?  With her husband, Jeff she is writing for men only.  In the midst of all that writing Shaunti was gracious enough to respond to a few questions as Ann and I prepare to speak at a conference this Saturday on men and women called Viva La Difference.  Here are my questions and Shaunti's responses,

1.  How has your life changed with the popularity of for women  only?
It's very weird to be on the phone  with some random customer service
representative at a  help desk somewhere about fixing a problem with a bill, and have them end  the call with, "Oh, by the way, I loved your book." 

2.  You quote Emerson Eggerichs in your book and he  quotes you in Love and Respect.  How did you all pull that one  off?
That was pretty funny, wasn't it?  GOD pulled that one off.  One  of the
investors in my husband's company, who has become a good friend of ours,  also is a supporter of Emerson's ministry. When our friend heard about  this book I was writing, and that one of the chapters was on Respect, he said  "We have to connect you with this other gentlemen who is also writing a book on  this...."  So I interviewed Emerson, and got his input and advice for  what question might be a good one for my national survey and he used the survey  data in his book.  God's timing, all the way around.

3.  Do you think Michael Vick can pass and lead well  enough for the Falcons to win the Super Bowl?
I sure hope so.

4.  Any fun stories about writing a book on marriage with  your husband?
Um.... writing "For Men Only" to help men understand women is definitely an exercise in humility for both of us... especially when I do something that inadvertently disrespects him (and he says "re-read chapter 2 of For Women Only honey!") or he does something that inadvertently sends the wrong message to me  (and I say "perhaps we should incorporate this little discussion into chapter 3, sweetheart!").

5.  What is your favorite coffee shop?  What do you  like about it?
My favorite coffee shop is an independent one here called Higher  Grounds. For some reason, I can bring my laptop there and get a ton of  writing done, away from distractions, that I can't get done on my home  computer.  When I'm on a deadline, like now, the owner, Dan Knutsen, says  he's my "landlord."

6.  How have you been surprised as you research and write  'for men only'?
In writing For Women Only Jeff was constantly surprised that I didn't 
already know most of what I was learning.  With For Men Only, its my turn  to be shocked at how on earth my husband could be surprised by some of this  stuff.

Thanks, Shaunti.  I look forward to reading your next book, whichever one comes out next.  God's blessings on you and your marriage.  Tip that landlord well.  :)