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How We Can Help

How can we help you? 

One, there is a lot of information, links and resources on this site.  Follow the category 444 to walk through the entire process. That is my gift to whoever wanders by.  I've been privileged to 'meet' numerous wonderful men and women around the world through blogging. 

Two, Ben counsels in Longmont, CO on a weekly basis for individuals and couples. Phone number is 720.378.2327. 

Three, we offer video counseling.  During these times of confusion many people don't know where to turn and we want to make ourselves available to guide you through the process. Technology allows us to meet with people from all over the world. 

Four, we offer five day intensives. Ann and I both participate.  Come ready to focus and work on yourself and your marriage.  You can take in the Colorado sights another time or tack days onto your trip.  Over Wed, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spend a minimum of twenty hours with you.  Some of the time is teaching and some counseling.  We send pre-intensive reading ahead so we can dive right in when you arrive. 

Five, we hold two and three day Marriages Restored Weekend Conferences.  Here is a sample schedule of what we do at a three day weekend.  We enjoy traveling to different areas. 

Six, we speak together and separately.  We have spoken at our own conferences, breakout sessions at Restoring The Glory (a conference dedicated to the redemption of broken sexuality), church services, pre-marital classes, undergraduate and graduate level classes, women's retreats, men's retreats, bible studies, MOPS, small groups, other seminars and on television.

Our hearts are to minister out of our pain and brokenness.  God has and continues to pour his grace into our souls and we seek to pass this on to others who are dealing with difficult times in life.