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Sheryl Crow, Wildflower

Scrow A long long time ago in a flatland far away, otherwise known as the Bootheel of Missouri, I met a young lady named Sheryl Crow.  We had a grand night out in Kennett at the Dunklin County Fair with my friend, Stan Utley and his date who dumped him before the night was over.  This was the Summer of 1979. 

Miss Crow and I exchanged a few letters and a few phone calls.  When the former Kennett drum major came to attend the University of Missouri in the fall of 1980 I was shocked when she didn't want her world to revolve around me.  This was a very good choice by her.

Her choice allowed me to travel 20 miles east of Kennett, down Highway 84 to the banks of the Mississippi, and meet the drum major in Caruthersville, Missouri who came to attend the University of Missouri in the fall of 1981.  Her name was Ann Morris and you can see her in the left column of this page still hugging me dearly.  Ann gave birth to our daughter who was drum major of Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, CO in the fall of 2003.  The boys in the family aren't so musically inclined.  But I digress. 

I like Kennett and the people there.  In 1978 and 1979 I won the Missouri State High School Golf Championship.  Each year I played with a guy from Kennett.  Hey Roger Wheeler and Tommy Legan, I hope all is well.  One of my friends from the golf team in college is Matt Shetley who is a partner in Sheryl Crow's father's law firm.  Another Kennett friend from college, John Watson, is now Chief of Staff for the Attorney General in Missouri.  I played in a few golf tournaments in Kennett, finished 2nd a couple of times, and have always enjoyed the people and my time there. 

All that to say that I look forward to Sheryl Crow releasing her new CDs whenever they come out.  This latest one, Wildflower has some deeply meaningful tunes right up a counselors alley. 

I'll just mention the first song, Good is Good.  My daughter recorded Sheryl Crow on Conan the other night for me.  We listened to the song a couple of times but I hadn't caught the total meaning of the lyrics.  My patient daughter, tolerant of her dad's idiosyncrasies, allowed me to skip back on the DVR, mute the TV and 'watch' the lyrics.  She's a good daughter.

The first couple of verses to me are about a guy who lives in his head and ignores his deeper longings.  His gal boots him out.  He decides to try love but not for loves sake.  He only tries love to get the equilibrium of his life back.  Love to him is just another tool to get what he wants. 

So that's my take.  Who knows what she intended but that is what is cool about art.  There are meanings that often transcend what the artist intended. 

If you are a deep thinking, deep feeling, reflective type you'll love this CD.  If you like good music you'll like it too. 

And Sheryl, if you find your way here,  Ann and I would be jazzed to receive an invite to the wedding. :::::grin::::: 

  CrowselfUpdate: October 11, 2005  I was looking at my inbound and saw Poland and Finland finding me.  I thought to myself, what the heck.  I found that I was being linked to in Italian.  Makes me want to go watch Breaking Away (it's a cycling movie where the lead wants to be like the Italian cyclists).  Here is the site.  Some of it is in English.