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Shame and Grace

Frolicking at the Tattered Cover

My daughter gave me the best Christmas present...a gift certificate to the Tattered Cover.  As any serious (I am at best a semi-serious reader) Denver reader can tell you TC is the place to go.  For a special day like this with my daughter we had to go to the LoDo TC.  The Cherry Creek and the Highlands Ranch locations, though nice,  just wouldn't do.

The LoDo location sits across from the ancient train abode of Union Station setting the stage for the entrance into TC.  I get giddy every time I open the door and walk in LoDo TC.  Even so my first words as we entered our magic world were, "I need coffee."  After procuring a latte for myself and some piping hot chocolate with a pound of whipped cream for her we were off on our adventure with our thousands of author friends who had written just for us. 

LoDo TC stands proud of the books it displays.  The wood floors take me to an earthy slow-paced place.  That combined with my giddiness makes for a playful world of depth.  There are wood beams above as well.  It feels old in the best sense of the word.  In the old there is much wisdom.  I expect to see men in tweed jackets with patches on the sleeves around every corner. 

I had the gift certificate and my daughter had her checkbook.  Even so, her stack of books grew at a slightly higher rate than mine did.  We searched every nook and cranny of the welcoming, kind old friend.  We even found some dandies in the bargain section.  My daughters grand catch was the five set volume of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for $15.  I believe mine will be Old Men at Midnight by Chaim Potok.  I can't know for sure since I picked up a couple by authors who I have just met.  By the way you have to say Chaim from deep in your throat.  Kinda like you are gonna hawk a big loogie only you leave the loogie behind.   

So my dear daughter I thank you for a most fantastic day spent with you at LoDo TC and of course for lunch at the Wellshire Golf Course, a Denver tradition in its own right. 

Here are the books I picked up on our outing (pardon me for not linking all these books but you can get to Amazon by clicking on any book on the right side of this page);

Old Men at Midnight by Chaim Potok, Boogers are my Beat by Dave Barry, The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler, The Diary of A Country Priest by Georges Bernanos, Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins, Love Me by Garrison Keillor, Shattered: A Handbook for Dealing with Emotional Abuse by Fay A. Klinger and Bettyanne Bruin, The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis and My Life as a Fake by Peter Carey. 

I shall have many hours of joy with this gift.